Our Services


Our aim is simple: To help you succeed in an ever-changing operating landscape. We as individuals and business professionals need to continuously evolve to ensure we provide only world-class learning interventions. We provide very detailed and comprehensive product development/ management and data science training for business professionals. We promote a flexible approach. We provide a range of industry-leading tools and ideas to apply based on a company and individual context (rather than promoting a rigid methodology).


We provide consulting across business and technical disciplines. Our expertise also covers product development, monetisation and management, system and platform design reviews, architecture and development, business processes and analysis and strategic reviews on a range of transformational ICT technologies including managed services amongst a host of others. Our approach to consulting is one of execution rather than just advisory. We believe this ‘hands-on’ approach sets us apart from many consulting companies who can tell you what to do rather than get it done with you.


Technology has become a paramount necessity for both individuals and organisations around the world. For a business to continue to stay in business, there is a need to continually seek to implement technological innovations as technology has become fundamental in everyday business. Consequently, at Excite Panacea (the Parent company of Excite Training) We provide exceptional technology solutions and professional services that address the right unmet needs, successfully transform and streamline internal business processes while helping clients achieve their set goals and objectives and improving products and services and of course their bottom-line figures We offer services in IT Consultancy, Website and Application Development, Experience Design Enterprise Resource Systems and Manged Services